Samuel Lin

Hi, I am Samuel Lin, a Grade 11 student. I have been volunteering as a teaching assistant for coding classes at City Center Community Center since 2021 on a weekly basis. I would help students debug their code and monitor questions in the chat.

I am interested in engineering and science. I am working on:

- Computer vision using Python

- Animations using Javascript

- CAD models using Onshape

Most of my coding projects can be found on and my CAD models are on

Python Projects

Ransac Applied to an Pupil

Pupil Detection with RANSAC

This project fits a circle to the circumference of the pupil for each frame of the video using Random Sample Consensus (RANSAC).

This project can be found on:

Color Segmentation

This project reduces the number of colors in an image by clustering similar similar colors together and replacing them with a weighted average.

This project can be found on:

Edge Detection

This project detects edges in images and compares different edge detection methods.

This project can be found on:

Image Blending

Image blending is used to blend the connecting area of two images so that there are no visible seams.

This project can be found on:

Misty Water Effect

This project creates the Misty Water Effect.

This project can be found on:

Sorted Map of Points

Determining Earthquake Hotspots with K-means Clustering

This project is about sorting a group of points into an inputed amount of sections.

This project can be found on:

CAD Models

These are a few CAD models I have made. My CAD models could be found on:

Javascript Projects

Here are a few animations I made for Coding Class as a teaching assistant: